June 13, 2024

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Human Rights Activist Report – Bodies found burnt: Myanmar massacre – News

  • More than 30 people, including the elderly, women and children, were killed and later burned at the stake in Myanmar’s conflict-torn state of Gaya.
  • According to media reports, the ruling army killed those who escaped the conflict.

A local human rights group said it had found the burnt bodies near the village of Mo Cho. “We strongly condemn the inhumane and brutal killings that violate human rights,” said Karenni, a member of the Human Rights Commission.

The military is talking about “terrorists.”

The Myanmar military government has denied the allegations, saying it shot dead an unidentified number of “armed terrorists” from a local opposition group in the village. People were reportedly traveling in seven vehicles and the military did not stop.


Bodies were found in these burnt trucks.


Photos shared by the human rights group and local media showed burned remains of bodies on burned truck beds.

Hundreds were killed and thousands arrested

Following the coup in February, repeated protests continued in Myanmar, with the military justifying the parliamentary elections as a sham. Strikes are crippling the economy and the formation of armed forces in many parts of Myanmar.

More than 1,300 people have been killed so far since the military came to power. Thousands were arrested. The coup put an end to the democratic process that began a few years ago.

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