July 23, 2024

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That’s why vaccine critics believe the vaccine is dead from NovaVox

That’s why vaccine critics believe the vaccine is dead from NovaVox

Vaccine critics are set to be replaced by a deadly vaccine called nouxovit, which is made against the corona virus. But why trust it so much?

Briefly essentials

  • So far, only the Swiss live vaccines can be given against the corona.
  • So many vaccine critics have dropped shovels.
  • Novavax’s inactivated vaccine Nuvaxovid is now set to replace this.

Stopped so far Three vaccines for those who want to get vaccinated in Switzerland To remove. These are Moderna, Pfizer / Biontech and Johnson & Johnson. The first two are MRNA vaccines, the latter are vector vaccines.

So far, 68 percent of the Swiss population have used it.

And so on New vaccines must be made by Novavax And Valneva shovels convince vaccine critics. Because they are not based on MRNA technology.

A genetically engineered protein vaccine against the corona virus

The two dead vaccines differ significantly from the previously approved vaccines. Accordingly, Valneva’s product contains inactivated corona virus. Unlike live vaccines, it cannot be reproduced, he writesSpiegel.

Nuvoxovit Spike contains virus-like particles containing protein. The body recognizes these as alien, which triggers the immune system. It then produces specific antibodies.

This is in contrast to mRNA products. With the help of fragments of genetic material, body cells are stimulated to produce spike protein. It is also intended to stimulate the immune response.

There is a commission today, Monday EU Pharmaceuticals Agency submits EMA application Accepted by the American pharmaceutical company Novavax. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Novavax is not yet approved in Switzerland.

Can you be vaccinated with inactivated vaccine nouxavit?

Um Herb A Forsa survey was conducted among the unvaccinated population in Germany. Fifty-six percent of participants said the desire to get vaccinated would increase as soon as the dead vaccines were available.

Previous trials with Nuvaxovid were promising: in two placebo-controlled analyzes, the vaccine reduced the risk of symptomatic disease by at least 86 percent.

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