May 21, 2024

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The climate activist makes a fool of himself with a firm hand

“Terminator” after action in Germany

The climate activist reaps the ridicule with a firm hand

Climate activists in Germany are once again taking to the streets. One of them had too much glue on his hand. His firm hand has become the subject of mockery on the internet.


A climate activist is teasing the internet with this photo.


Johannes HillickRedaktor news

In general, climate activists are quickly removed from the streets – even if they stick to the asphalt. The same thing happened in Mainz, Germany on Friday morning. Activists of the “Last Generation” group blocked an important road.

A demonstrator (38) pressed very hard on the resin tube. The police could not untie his right hand. Special glue, a mixture of sand and super glue, held firmly. So the city’s construction workers had to move with heavy equipment. A portion of the road was cut with a hammer drill SWR reported. According to the city of Mainz, the street was immediately repaired after the activist and his hand were cut.