April 19, 2024

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The accused criminal († 40) was killed after being taken hostage

The accused criminal († 40) was killed after being taken hostage

A shooting and hostage-taking took place in Dresden (D) on Saturday. As reported by the police in the afternoon, the accused has died.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A man in Dresden kills his mother and walks into the city center.
  • He stationed himself there and took several hostages – including a child.
  • The suspect was reportedly killed during the approach, while the hostages were unharmed.

There were shootings and hostage-taking in downtown Dresden on Saturday. As a result of a major police operation, the Altmarktgalerie shopping center was closed and nearby areas empty

Now the culprit has been caught and the hostages have been released. Police initially said the hostage was injured.

The hostages are unharmed. But now it’s clear: the police announced in the afternoon that the accused was dead.

The man kills his mother and attacks the city of Dresden

As the German “Bild” writes, the man attacked a radio station, where he shot himself. As the door could not be opened, no one could be hurt. He then barricades himself in a drug store and takes several hostages. At least one child Should have been below.

Doubt should also be in the morning Murmuring have killed Because: At 7.20 a.m., the police in Dresden-Brollis also found a dead woman in an apartment building.

Police said the killing was linked to an operation in the city of Dresden. The suspect is the woman’s 40-year-old German son.

An unconfirmed person was killed at the mall

Even the Streiselmarkt, one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets, was closed. Police asked residents and visitors to stay away from the city.

Police Dresden was asked to avoid the hostages. The area around the Altmarkt-Galerie is cordoned off.

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