June 15, 2024

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The war in Ukraine came eight years too late

The war in Ukraine came eight years too late

Arms dealer Victor is freed but criticizes the Ukraine war for starting too late. He wants to fight in the neighboring country himself.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • In exchange for Brittney Griner, Russian arms dealer Victor Budd was released.
  • He supports the war in Ukraine, but complains that it started too late.
  • The West promotes civilizational suicide with “drugs and LGBTQ+”.

After almost ten months in Russian was Combed the American basketball player Brittney Griner Freed Again: US, Russia Agree to Prisoner Swap From convicted arms dealer Victor Butt, in exchange for a WNBA star was fire In the United States, the imbalanced exchange draws a lot of criticism.

A 55-year-old man who was freed again He spoke after his release With the Russian channel «RT». In it, the Kremlin praised the leader Vladimir PutinBut Ukraine is critical of the war: he “couldn’t understand” why a large-scale attack on its neighbor did not take place in 2014.

2014 Russia occupied the Crimean Peninsula Donetsk and Luhansk declared themselves independent people’s republics. A dated Putin supported the concerns of the Donbass regions The Kremlin Guided and regular Russian troops. So Bode wanted all of Ukraine to be invaded by then. Despite his criticism, he “fully supported” the war in Ukraine.

The former Soviet officer also wants to go to war in Ukraine. “If I have the opportunity and the necessary skills, I will volunteer.” He was sure that “we will win”.

But admires Putin, he supports him. During his time in prison in the United States, he always kept a portrait of the Kremlin leader in his room.

An arms dealer accused of buying cheap weapons from military bases after the fall of the Soviet Union. They are then allegedly sold to terrorist organizations in conflict zones. This also earned him the nickname “Merchant of Death”.

Victor Butt: The West promotes “civilization suicide”.

In “RT” he was accused of having them The Taliban Presented with arms, addressed. But denies this: “The The Taliban A gift to my head. So how can I say I cooperated with them? It doesn’t make sense,” he said.

in 2008, but fell into a trap set by US officials: they wanted to buy weapons by posing as members of a Colombian guerrilla movement. She wanted to shoot down passenger planes and “kill some Americans.” But he agreed to a meeting in Bangkok, where he was arrested. Two years later, he was exiled to the United States, serving 25 years since 2011 was Sentenced.

Released but Also charged against the West: with «Medicines and LGBTQ+” he promotes the “suicide of civilization”. On the other hand, in Russia, after his release, he experienced the “air of freedom” – and snow.

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