February 23, 2024

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That’s why Russia’s best fighter jets don’t fly over Ukraine

The reasons are surprising

Putin’s best fighter jets don’t fly over Ukraine

Russia has the most advanced fighter jets in the world. Namely Su-57, also known as Felon. They are worth several million euros. But in the war in Ukraine in all respects, jets were not used.


Russia has one of the best air forces in the world and has several Su-57 fighter jets.

The supersonic jet Sukhoi Su-57 is the flagship fighter of the Russian Air Force. He is considered a spectacle in modern warfare. However, the jet has not been used in the Ukraine war – at least not directly.

Like a news site “Business Insider” The Russians reportedly restrained themselves from launching missiles from Russian airspace. The latest images are said to show five Su-57s with the NATO codename Felon at Aktubinsk Air Base. Felon base is the only known military airport and is about 500 kilometers as the crow flies from the Ukrainian border.