July 24, 2024

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Natty will be welcomed at the Zurich HP on Sunday

Natty will be welcomed at the Zurich HP on Sunday
Zurich, Basel and other cities will offer a free night if Switzerland wins its quarter-final match at the European Football Championship on Saturday evening (today). However, in Bern, this is only possible if the Swiss win the semi-finals.

Sunday night in Zurich and Winterthur is a free night for indoor restaurants, not outdoor areas. If Swiss wins, restaurants can stay open indoors for as long as they want. Normal opening hours apply to outdoor areas. The city of Schlieren ZH also offers a free night in the public viewing zone “Pischte 52”.

The city of Basel declared that the Swiss national team should properly celebrate their entry into the first semi-final of a major football tournament. Therefore, if Switzerland wins the quarter-final, the usual curfew will no longer be in force. Also in Basel, relaxation applies only to indoor areas.

However, Bern’s security directorate announced that regular rules would apply in the federal city on Sunday night, despite Switzerland’s victory. This means: Hospitality businesses must close at 12:30 p.m. Night silence in outdoor areas should be observed from 11 pm onwards.

If “Nati” does indeed reach the semi-finals, the Stadtberner restaurants will be open next Wednesday without restrictions. The same will apply on Sunday, July 14, if Switzerland reaches the final, as the Bern security directorate said. (sda)

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