February 27, 2024

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Swiss pub owner warns women against men

Swiss pub owner warns women against men

For Swiss Ballerman pub owner Beatrice Cicardini, the case is the saddest highlight of the season, which she describes as “unprecedented”. The 67-year-old says this year’s party guests are especially frequent.

The party island restaurant has already experienced a lot. Cicardini has lived in Mallorca since 1976 and since 2006 has run the cult pub “Zur Groen”. It is in the middle of the party hotspot in Playa de Palma.

Of this year’s Ballermann season, he tells “Focus Online”: “I’ve never experienced anything like it. You can’t even imagine it. Men’s groups are completely wasted. They’re screaming like drunks all day and night, pissing everywhere.”

According to the native Swiss, vandalism and disturbing the peace are part of her daily bread. Everything is broken: “They destroy garbage cans, tear signs, smash cars. Everywhere they punch and kick.”

Recently, a drunk ran amok in her private hallway, screaming, and finally surrendered in front of her front door. “You’re really scared,” says the woman who lives next door to Ballerman.

According to Beatrice Cicardini, border crossings are common in Ballerman. He believes such behavior shows that many German party-goers don’t care about rules and laws. This is also reflected in their behavior towards women.

He cautions: “I can’t say 100 percent if Ballerman is still safe for women.” For the first time in her life, she was afraid to go out into the street – “because there are so many drunkards and criminal gangs.”

Experienced pub owner, Ballerman has some tips for women to celebrate safely. Holidaymakers “shouldn’t really travel alone, look out for each other and not drink too much”.

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He also strongly advises against going with strangers. Also: “Don’t go to quiet streets where there are no people. Especially on the way home, women should stay in busy streets.