July 23, 2024

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ORF catches Austrians breaking Lockdown

ORF catches Austrians breaking Lockdown

Anyone not affected by the corona in Austria is no longer allowed to go outside. Told the ORF that a Vienna had violated the lockdown.

Briefly essentials

  • A Viennese woman admitted to being vaccinated against corona at the ORF or not recovering from it.
  • Even so she had been in the clothing store before.
  • In Austria there are locks for those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not.

Applicable in Austria Unvaccinated and unauthorized locking. Only those who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus will be allowed outside If it is necessary: Work, supermarket shopping, Physician and Hobby. Those who do not comply with it will be fined up to 1450 on display Euro To calculate.

Police are creating restrictions, as the ORF announced on Tuesday. Patrols are specifically sent for this purpose and check 2G ID cards in front of shopping centers and shops, as well as regular patrols. 15,000 people Verified, 120 shown. However, not all lockdown breakers were found by police.

On Monday, Austrian TV spoke to customers standing in front of a Vienna shopping center. They said there were no restrictions in front of the shopping center or in private shops. This is a gift to the pharmacy and clothing store customer.

Because, as she admitted in the ORF without further ado, she should not even enter the shops. “I have not been vaccinated yet, I still need to be vaccinated first,” the Vienna woman said. She does not have 2G ID. When she said she really shouldn’t have been in the clothing store, she simply replied: “I was.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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