May 26, 2024

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“Schampus Max” from AfD: He also worked for Opus Dei in Switzerland.


Maximilian Guy“Schampus Max” from AfD: He also worked for Opus Dei in Switzerland.

Maximilian Krah is the AfD's leading candidate in the 2024 European elections because of his ties to China, which he is based in Germany. He is called a traitor.

Ann Gunter
  • Maximilian Krah, the AfD's leading candidate in the European elections, is nicknamed “Schampus-Max”.

  • He is accused of employing a Chinese spy and having financial ties to the Kremlin.

  • Kra, who previously worked for the CDU, is known for his links to right-wing extremist circles and his pro-China lobbying in the European Parliament.

  • Despite the serious allegations and scandals affecting the party and its image, Krau remains the AfD's primary candidate.

“Mr K. is a man who works against German interests,” said German parliament member Armin Laschet on Maybrit Illner's program on Thursday. The CDU man doubled down: “Such conditions have never existed in the Federal Republic of Germany with this level of treason.”

The real “traitor” is AfD member Maximilian Grau, the AfD's leading candidate in the European elections. As it emerged this week, the 46-year-old allegedly used a Chinese spy – despite warnings from his own team. He and another AfD colleague are also suspected of being in the Kremlin's pay. Craw vehemently denies all the allegations.

The spy is said to have seen these documents

Who is the AfD's leading candidate allegedly sold out to China and Russia?

  • Maximilian Krau was born in 1977 in Dresden into a middle-class family: his mother was a special school teacher in the GDR, his father an engineer who worked in the Saxon Ministry of the Interior since 1990.

  • Craw studied law and attended the London Business School and Columbia Business School in New York – funded by his own savings.

  • He made a name for himself as he was primarily responsible for the property management of the Arch-Catholic Order of the Pius Confraternity.

  • Kraw set up a network of foundations and organizations in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to reduce the tax burden on the Brotherhood.

  • Kra remained in the CDU until 2016. As they did not want to nominate him as a candidate for the Bundestag, he switched to the AfD in the same year.

  • Friend and foe call him “Champus Max”. MK wears monogrammed shirts and cufflinks because Craw knows expensive wines and restaurants.

  • AfDler is the father of eight children with three different women. Friends describe him as always looking out for his own good.

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In the AfD, Krah enjoys the support of the so-called ethnic faction around right-wing extremist Björn Höcke and is following suit in the European Parliament.

Dating “Champus-Max”.

In 2019, the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified Grau's statements as ethno-nationalist, Islamophobic, racist and unconstitutional. That didn't stop Grahm from writing a book called “Politics from the Right.” Write a report. It was published in 2023 by Götz Kubitschek – one of the most important players in the so-called New Rights, according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Craw makes it clear on social media that New Right youth are very important to him. On his TikTok account – in addition to attacks against the German traffic light government, the US and immigrants – you can also find dating references such as “don't look at porn”, “look straight” and “above all: don't”. Let someone tell you that you should be “sweet, soft, weak, and left-wing.”

A Chinese fan like Alice Weidel

In addition to his sharp right-wing leanings, the German likes to celebrate his closeness with China. In 2021, he posted on YouTube congratulating Beijing on the 70th anniversary of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Kra makes no mention of the Chinese regime's oppression of Tibet. Even when secret documents proved that China imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs, he did nothing wrong: the Chinese government decided to forcefully educate a population that was “on the one hand Muslim but on the other hand illiterate.”

Kra, meanwhile, has become a loyal lobbyist in the European Parliament for the concerns of the Communist regime in Beijing – backed by AfD party leader Alice Weidel, who has close ties to China, where she worked for several years (and wrote her PhD on the Chinese pension system).

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Kra has aggressively promoted Huawei, China's state-owned telecommunications company, and defended himself against claims that many in Germany want to ban Chinese technology over fears of data theft and espionage. Such security concerns, according to Kraw, are based only on a “general mistrust” of China.

“Now we in the AfD seem like a quagmire”

Craw doesn't seem impressed by the current scandals. He continued to make it clear to reporters on Wednesday morning that he would be the AfD's primary candidate. But AfD's mood seems to be changing now.

“Our entire campaign has been ruined by the allegations,” an AfD representative told “Spiegel”. “We advertised as patriots – we stood against the Brussels swamp. Now we seem to be the swamp ourselves.

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