June 13, 2024

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Russia plane crash: What we know

Russia plane crash: What we know

A Russian military transport plane carrying more than 70 people crashed in the Belgorod region of the Ukrainian border at around 9am on Wednesday (Swiss time).

24.01.2024, 11:0724.01.2024, 11:37

That's what Russia says

On the Ilyushin Il-76 engine There were 9 Russian crew members and 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war, Russian news agency TASS reported. The prisoners were flown to the planned exchange. There is no other confirmation of this information initially.

Russian news agency Toss Confirmed that the aircraft did not hit populated areas, but fields.

This is what Ukraine says

Ukrainian daily newspaper true It cites a source confirming that the plane crash was the “work” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Shortly afterwards, Pravda changed its message: the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed that the plane had crashed. According to Ukrainian information, the machine Anti-aircraft missiles (S-300) on board. have received

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said it could not yet confirm the report that the Il-76 was shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Because the data still needs to be evaluated first.

With content from news agencies SDA and DPA

Update follows…

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