June 22, 2024

Columbus Post

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Trump vs. Haley: There will be a showdown that night

Former President Donald Trump has won the important primary election for the Republican presidential candidate in the state of New Hampshire. The Associated Press and Fox News made the announcement Tuesday evening in unison, citing their own forecasts.

Trump and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley battled in the small East Coast state over their party's nomination for president in early November. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of the race shortly before the vote. Trump already had a clear lead over Haley in New Hampshire — but by smaller margins than in other states.

A win in New Hampshire would have been crucial for Haley. The 52-year-old, who as a diplomat once had to represent Trump's embattled foreign policy on the international stage, is seen by the public as more politically moderate and more moderate in his rhetoric than his former boss. In New Hampshire, he hoped to win because of the less radical-minded voters in the conservative camp.

Trump's victory there also shows once again how firmly the party's base stands behind the 77-year-old. There are four criminal cases against the Republican — the result of which he lost the 2020 presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden. Despite the legal problems, Trump has not lost his popularity among his supporters. The victory in New Hampshire heightens another showdown between her and Biden in the upcoming presidential election. (DBA)

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