June 18, 2024

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Putin relies on Chechen soldiers in Kherson

Putin relies on Chechen soldiers in Kherson

Zelensky’s forces retook territory in the south during the Ukraine War. 1,300 soldiers from Putin “Bloodhound” Kadyrov are said to have been transferred to Kherson.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • According to Ukrainian sources, Russia is sending 1,300 Chechens to Kherson.
  • “Bloodhound” Kadyrov’s fearsome troops must hold the city.
  • The ruler recently announced his resignation and created a stir.

In the Kherson region A counteroffensive by Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s troops in the Ukraine war is currently underway. Russia is now sending new forces to the area to protect the city in the south.

According to Ukrainian civil servants, a total of 1,300 soldiers are currently being transferred from Chechnya to Kherson. Vladimir Putin He wanted to stop the attack of the Ukrainians.

Chechen forces They were subservient to Ramzan Qadir, the ruler of the region. He is also known as “Putin’s bloodhound”. His Army«Kadirovtsi», is considered particularly brutal.

Ramzan Kadyrov did not resign over the war in Ukraine

A few days ago, Kadyrov announced his intention to resign in a video on Telegram. “I think the time has come to hand over my reins,” he said there. can confirm His announcement Although not.

Resignation of Resignation After some time. He doesn’t have the right to simply resign, Dan-Dan, as he is also known, said in another video on Telegram. He must first coordinate this with President Putin.

According to Putin’s friend, he also wants to hit a record. A Russian politician has ruled his region for 27 years, Kadyrov in his 15th.

Moscow can continue to count on Kadyrov’s support for Chechnya in the war in Ukraine. Especially in Cherson, his feared troops could play an important role.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

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