June 22, 2024

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An old Bentley S2 was smuggled into Australia with 190kg of drugs

190 kg of coke and meth on board

Contraband Bentley has it all

Spectacular coup for Australian police: During a search of a vintage Bentley, customs investigators found kilos of drugs worth millions on the black market.


During a routine search of a vintage Bentley, Australian customs investigators found kilos of drugs with a black market value of more than CHF 100 million.

Over 100 million francs! That’s not the value of the more than 60-year-old Bentley S2 recently seized by Australian customs investigators. But its cargo is well hidden. Police officers found 30kg of cocaine and 161kg of methamphetamine – also known as crystal meth – behind the chrome-plated headlights when they searched the British classic.

Investigators discovered the drug smugglers during a routine inspection of a container called Bentley imported from Canada. During the X-ray scan, the customs found “suspicious anomalies,” according to the German “Auto, Motor & Sport” report. Later, special forces called in, while removing the vintage car, discovered the illegal cargo in various holes of the tin drug hideout.