May 26, 2024

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Prolonged Covid victims protest in Zurich – 20 minutes

ME stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis, a neurological disease that is usually triggered by a viral infection (eg Pfeiffer glandular fever or Covid). The disease can lead to severe disability. Sufferers suffer from difficulty concentrating, poor eyesight, muscle pain or difficulty breathing. CFS is chronic fatigue syndrome, severe pathological fatigue. Although knowledge of physical dysfunction in ME and CFS is increasing, the exact causes are unclear and there is no accepted treatment.

On Saturday, several hundred of the victims gathered in Zurich for a funeral procession, marching through the city center to remember their casualties. They wanted to set an example so that they are perceived better by the public and taken seriously, reports said “Delicuri”. Many become disillusioned with society and research and demand greater commitment.

At the end of the demonstration, the participants lay down on the grass at St. Jacob's Church and did nothing: to draw attention to those who often suffer from the long covid disease, which they have no energy for everyday life. Many of them could not even participate as they were ill and had to stay in bed.

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