July 23, 2024

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The elite Russian division lost 300 soldiers in 4 days

“They call us meat” – soldiers write a letter of complaint

The elite Russian division lost 300 soldiers in four days

A unit of the Russian Navy reportedly lost 300 men in four days of fighting in the Donetsk region. This emerges from a letter of complaint from members of the 155th Marine Infantry Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet.


Soldiers from the 155th Marine Regiment have written to the governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozemiako, to complain about conditions in their unit.

In a letter to Oleg Kozemiako, 59, the governor of the Primorye region, Russian soldiers of the 155th Marine Regiment complained about the conditions in their unit. Apparently, the elite soldiers of General Rustam Muradov (49) and his comrade Akhmatov were again forced into an “incomprehensible attack” that was sold to them as “carefully planned”. In four days, 300 soldiers from the regiment were killed, wounded and missing. 50 percent of the vehicles were damaged.

The telegram channel “Grey Zone”, allegedly linked to the Wagner mercenary group, published the letter.