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Preventing potatoes from sprouting – these tricks will make them last longer

Preventing potatoes from sprouting – these tricks will make them last longer
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Potatoes are an integral part of the daily menu. But do not eat potatoes that sprout too soon. This can be avoided with some tips.

Cassel – potatoes are the main supplier of vitamins, because 100 grams contain at least 19 milligrams of vitamin C. EatSmarter.D Information. Potatoes also help in weight loss. But be careful, because consuming strongly sprouted or raw potatoes is harmless due to their high solanine content. Potato sprouting can be delayed with a few simple tips.

Sprouted potatoes produce toxins – proper storage is critical

The toxin solanine in potatoes is completely normal. It protects the plant from predators and disease and prevents the growth of bacteria or mold Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Center Information. Solanine poisoning is first felt in the mouth because it irritates the mucous membrane. You may notice a bitter taste in your mouth and an itching or burning sensation. In addition, as the Lower Saxony Consumer Center explains, symptoms such as headache and abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fever may occur after consumption.

Sprouted potatoes contain particularly high levels of the toxin solanine. © Ernst Weingartner/IMAGO

Storage of potatoes is important to minimize solanine formation. Potatoes are cold, dry and dark. As suggested by the NRW Consumer Advice Centre, the optimum temperature is between four and eight degrees. If potatoes are stored above eight degrees, they germinate faster. Below four degrees, starch is converted to sugar and potatoes are sweet. So storage in refrigerator is not recommended. The best storage space, for example, is the basement. If you buy potatoes wrapped in plastic, be sure to remove the potatoes to prevent moisture build-up.

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Avoid sprouting potatoes: Ethylene from apples can help

Storing potatoes with apples will do wonders. The ripening gas ethylene, which usually speeds up the ripening process of other fruits or vegetables, is released from the apple. However, for potatoes, ethylene has a portal-like germ-inhibiting effect. utopia.de writes

An apple can be stored with about one to two kilos of potatoes, and the ethylene diffuses automatically. However, apples also need to be changed regularly so that nothing rots. However, consumer center NRW also warns that ethylene can cause potatoes to shrink and lose their aroma. In general, potatoes should not be left for too long.

Potato season Late June to late October
Storage temperature Four to eight degrees
savings Cold, dry and dark (eg: basement)
Product Peel the skin only after cooking and before eating
Symptoms of poisoning with solanine Bitter taste, itching or burning sensation in the mouth. Headache and abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever

Sprouted potatoes – so the consumption of the tuber is harmless

Just because potatoes sprout, doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. If you have potatoes with some small sprouts or some green spots, you can still eat them. You should liberally remove these spots and eat potatoes without the skin. Solanine is released in cooking water, so it should not be used.

Do not remove the skin until the potatoes are cooked so that more vitamins are retained. However, as recommended by the Lower Saxony Consumer Advisory Center, children should not eat unpeeled potatoes. With a simple trick, potatoes can be cooked in three minutes. (VK)