April 15, 2024

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Northern Italy: Perrin kills joggers – now she’s caught

Northern Italy: Perrin kills joggers – now she’s caught

Northern Italy

The bear killed Jogger – now she’s caught

A bear killed a joker in northern Italy last week. Now the criminal has been caught alive.


On April 5, 2023 AP (26) did not return from jogging.


  • In early April, Joker was mauled to death by a bear in northern Italy.

  • Officials later advocated killing aggressive bears; However, animal rights activists fought back.

  • Now bear JJ4 has been found and captured alive.

The 26-year-old Joker was found in early April Trentino Municipality of Caldes Attacked and killed by a bear in a valley popular with hikers and tourists (Val de Sol). A DNA comparison confirmed this. According to Trentino Province, the wild female bear JJ4 has now been captured.

The animal was found overnight in the forested area of ​​the area, the province announced Tuesday morning. is in JJ4 around sister Bruno the “problem bear” shot dead in Bavaria in 2006.

Officials demand strict action – animal welfare activists protest

In Italy, since the death of Trentino Jagger, the debate about the coexistence of bears and humans has come to a head. The province wants to halve the number of bears in the northern Italian region. He also recommended killing aggressive bears. According to media reports, various mayors from the region around Val de Sole recently campaigned for a tougher crackdown. A female bear named JJ4 was also ordered to shoot. However, the administrative court in Trento stayed the order last week.

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Animal welfare organizations appealed against the order. Animal rights activists have criticized the plans, arguing that they should establish wildlife corridors or raise public awareness about how to handle wild animals.

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