June 22, 2024

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Pitbull girls were adopted in record time after a sweet video

Pitbull girls were adopted in record time after a sweet video


Even a 1.5 meter high wall could not separate the pitbull friends

Dogs Linda and Brenda have found a new home together after a Minneapolis animal shelter shared a moving video from security cameras.


Brenda, the pit bull, climbs a 4-by-5-foot concrete wall to visit her neighbor, Linda, 7.

Daily Mail

  • A Minneapolis animal shelter recently shared a video on social media.

  • Brenda, a four-year-old pit bull, is shown climbing over a tall partition to reach Linda, a seven-year-old pit bull.

  • A day after the video was released, the two dogs were adopted together.

In a recently released video, Brenda, a four-year-old pit bull, can be seen climbing over a large partition to watch the time on the other side. With her animal friend Linda (7) to spend. A 1.5 meter high concrete wall is not enough to separate the two.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported about this: One day last week, the staff of the zoo were surprised to find two dogs wagging their tails in the same kennel. Linda and Brenda were probably together for about an hour before the team found them. They were then taken to another large kennel to stay together.

“Like Love at First Sight”

With video from a surveillance camera circulating online within days, it’s clear that the two friends are now together. Time together every day allowed to spend. They have new owners and therefore a new home.

The shelter says Brenda and Linda were adopted Tuesday, a day after sharing sweet video from a security camera. “It really was love at first sight,” said Madison Weissenborn of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC). Staff “relentlessly” hoped the two would be adopted after sharing the video.

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New dog owners don’t think twice

Weissenborn described the puppies’ journey — and their search for a home — as “Mission Impossible.” A mission was accomplished on Tuesday when a woman with a male companion turned up at the shelter.

“Brinda walked right up to the woman and Linda walked right up to the man. They both said, “Okay, pack up. Let’s go.” Canine companions don’t have to go far to find a new permanent home that’s still in Minneapolis.

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