July 24, 2024

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Gada (5) disappeared without a trace in Florence

Gada (5) disappeared without a trace in Florence

Disappeared without a trace

Qata (5) Where? – Florence desperately searches for the missing girl

Little Catalia went missing in Florence on Saturday. She was playing in the yard of the building where she lives – no one saw her after that.


On June 10, 2023, five-year-old Catalia Alvarez disappeared without a trace in Florence.


  • There has been no sign of Kate Alvarez since Saturday.

  • The girl was playing in the yard of the building where she lives.

  • He was wearing a white shirt and purple pants.

There has been no sign of five-year-old Catalaya Alvarez since Saturday afternoon. The girl played inside the former Hotel Astor in the Novoli district, which was closed during the coronavirus pandemic and has been occupied by several families since September last year. When the girl’s mother returned from work, she could hear Can’t find anymore. girl Alerted the police.

When was the last time you saw Cata?

He was last seen at 2:26 p.m. Saturday in the courtyard garden of the former hotel building. He was wearing a white shirt and purple pants.

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Who did the woman live with in Astor?

According to reports, the missing child lived with her mother and younger brother. The family is from Peru. Aster is home to around a hundred people. A roommate told the media that Kata’s mother, Catherine, had recently been involved in several arguments with another family in the house. There is always tension among the residents.

How does the police search for the cat?

The Carabinieri immediately launched a search, in which the Peruvian community of Florence also participated. Firefighters are also on the job: they have checked the banks of the nearby Muknon River. The military raided the buildings and streets surrounding the former hotel several times. There are two classes of sniffer dogs.

At the moment, the search is focused on the building where the girl lives, the “Corriere della Sera” reports. A section of Via Bocherini, one of the streets facing the building, is closed to traffic to facilitate the work.

A lot of invitations are posted on social networking sites and WhatsApp groups to find girls. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

Are there any witnesses?

Investigators have spent the past few hours interviewing potential witnesses. According to initial findings, the keta was not seen on surveillance cameras in the area. However, the “Courier” also reported that an insider said that a recording shows the woman leaving the hotel’s courtyard and returning. The building has at least two exits.

What does the girl’s mother say?

Kata’s mother appealed to the entire city on Saturday night to find her daughter. “When I came back from work, my little girl was missing. A friend of mine last saw her and she was playing with her daughter. We haven’t heard from her since then,” cries Catherine.