June 18, 2024

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Only 9 calls per day to electricity saving hotline

Only 9 calls per day to electricity saving hotline

Nine federal employees answer people’s questions about energy conservation. Not even a dozen people report every day.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • The Federal Council has set up a state hotline for electricity queries.
  • Interest is low – only 130 citizens were invited in two weeks.

He kicked with a serious expression on his face Simonetta sommaruga (SP) and Guy Parmelin (SVP) before the media at the end of August. Your message: Energy In winter it may be rare, it applies immediately Save electricity and gas.

Economy Minister Guy Parmelin (SVP) explains in French that people can ask the authorities questions about how and when to save electricity – but interest has been low. – YouTube / Swiss Federal Council

For this he Federal Council Tips and Tricks Ins Website – with a multi-million dollar campaign. It also includes a dedicated hotline for queries.

Energy Saving Hotline: 130 calls in two weeks

The responsible department explained that information on implementation of saving tips and technical questions will be answered there. Human resources were also invested in it. Nine employees take it EnergyTelephone ab.

The problem: It sounds very rare. A spokesman for the Department of Economic Affairs said 130 calls had been received since the launch of the campaign till Friday. There were also 240 written enquiries, he adds.

Have questions about saving electricity?

This results in fewer than nine calls per day. However, the central government did not want to talk about the failure. It is obviously assumed that significantly more questions will arise as it cools down and the problem becomes more serious.

Callers are interested in penalties for heating sinners

People are already very worried Anger According to WBF, before the network shutdowns. Questions have also been raised about possible restrictions and penalties for those who shy away from warming up. However, it must have originated from Russia Fake news-campaign have to do.

Some callers are angry that their daily lives may be disrupted, while shop windows still light up. However, a lot is likely to happen in this area before winter.

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