June 22, 2024

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Non-vaccinated locking is possible in these countries

Locking up for those who have not been vaccinated in Austria is already planned. Now there is one in Germany – will other European countries follow suit?

Briefly essential

  • From 600 full intensive care beds, Austria goes to the lock for those who have not been vaccinated.
  • A similar move is now being openly discussed in Germany.
  • Russia and Latvia are already locked in – will others follow?

Before the onset of winter, the number of new corona infections is increasing dramatically in many countries. Prevail through it Anger Before a new lock – this time it will only affect those who have not been vaccinated.

Austria is under threat of lockout

In Austria Such locking is no longer possible. The number of cases from the second wave is nearing a peak again and hospital admissions are increasing dramatically.

New Federal Chancellor Alexander Scholenberg has made it clear that those who are not vaccinated are to blame: “We are on the verge of stumbling into the infection of those who are not vaccinated without any need.”

In the newly resolved intervention plan, Phase 5 is locking in for non-vaccinated individuals. This occurs after 600 intensive care beds were occupied in Austria. That was half of it Monday crossed – The trend is rising sharply.

Germany is also fighting the explosion in a number of cases

Germany is considering such measures, as “Built” writes. Angela Merkel On Tuesday it threatened “strict restrictions on those who are not vaccinated.”

This is because new corona infections are currently on the rise in Germany as well. Various federal states are already moving toward the use of 90 percent of intensive care beds. These are occupied only by those who are almost never vaccinated.

What do you think about locking only those who have not been vaccinated?

The next step may be the 3G rule – for example in Gastronomy Or theaters – modified to 2G (vaccinated or recovered). If this trend continues anyway, non-vaccinated locking is highly conceivable.

Russia is already in lockdown week

Locking in other countries is already a fact again. Russia is now “in the light of the lock.” A This is called a “non-working week” Close all businesses – people should stay home.

Vaccinated people are also affected – they make up only one-third of Russia’s population.

Many Europeans are again tightening measures

Like the Russians, Latvia is currently locked up. Shops for daily necessities will be open only until mid-November. In addition, Baltz has a curfew order at night. The four-week lockout in Latvia affects all residents equally.

A clean unvaccinated lock is still nowhere true. Only one thing seems to have happened before this idea was first implemented.

There will also be potential candidates Netherlands and Greece: In these countries, too, measures have recently been tightened again.

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