June 22, 2024

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Nazi meeting: Comedian accuses AfD boss of “shrinking dick complex”.

Nazi meeting: Comedian accuses AfD boss of “shrinking dick complex”.

Björn Höcke: He was targeted by comedian Kurt Kromer.Build: Keystone

Secret Nazi meeting in Potsdam continues to make waves. Celebrities are also shocked by this news. So does comedian Kurt Cromer.

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It reads like a scene from a dystopian thriller in a Netflix series: Nazis, influential millionaires, people from the AfD and sometimes even politicians from the values ​​union close to the CDU gather in a secluded, magnificent Potsdam villa. They envision deportation plans just a few kilometers from Wannsee Villa, where the National Socialists planned to murder millions of Europe's Jews in 1942.

But none of this is fantasy or exaggerated allegory à la “Babylon Berlin”. This is the fact revealed by the correspondents of the research network “Corrective”.

This causes panic among centrist politicians and society as a whole. Celebrities also carry barricades and shout like presenters Ruth Moschner Sign a petition calling for a ban on the AfD for consideration. Nora Tschirner, Bela B and Enissa Amani also support the call.

“Zero in Mood for Fascist Structures in Germany”

Kurt Kromer wasn't there, yet the comedian has gone public with the news that he's pursuing a forward-looking offensive line.

Kurt Kromer, better known as Alexander Bozhkan, has to prepare for a change in his show.  Image: RPB / Daniel Borsdorff

Kurt Kromer, Alexander Bojcon.

The 49-year-old writes on his Instagram account: “My grandfather fled from Bohemia and Moravia to Germany. Unfortunately, I am not a “pure-blooded German”. “I have zero interest in fascist structures in Germany,” he begins his remarks relatively innocuously, but takes aim at the Nazi rhetoric of the conspiracy crowd.

Cromer, whose real name is Alexander Bozhkan, clarifies: “Because Björn Högke “If he has complexes because his penis is shrinking, the whole country doesn't have to suffer for it,” he shoots at the head of the AfD parliamentary group in the Thuringian state parliament.

Because in the crowd Potsdam When it was discussed whether millions of Germans could be temporarily stationed in a country in North Africa, Kurt Kromer asked this questionable idea even more ironically: “If I and my friends were to be quickly expelled from Germany, would I be able to? After that Bali Is it absolutely necessary to emigrate or stop in North Africa?”

He then concludes his report with a plea to society: “The silent majority must wake up slowly now, or it will soon be 1933. And let's be honest, 'Heel Hog' really does sound like shit.”

He then takes the Hitler comparison to a climax with a final sentence: “Hitler had only one egg,” Kromer said of the dictator, Bjorn Haag, and the theory that the latter suffered from “shrinking tick complexes.”

Kurt Kromer posted an Instagram about a secret Nazi meeting.

Screenshot: via instagram / twitter.com

Kurt Kromer is celebrated with nearly 980,000 Instagram fans for his posts. More than 205,000 people “liked” her post, with comments saying they “got to the point” or “totally agreed.”

But a different period can also be heard there: the uncertainty and fear parallels to the Nazi era are becoming clearer, and it's slowly becoming less of a distant, fanciful scenario that fascists might come to power. There are three state elections this year: Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg. The AfD is given great chances of victory there.


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