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Two DJs playing on Vulcan – now risking heavy fines

Two DJs playing on Vulcan – now risking heavy fines

As a German and Dutch DJ played music on Fuerteventura in an unusual location, the island went wild.

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The sky is blue, the sun hangs just above the horizon, and the crowd is rocking out to electronic music: scenes that have spread on social media have now outraged many residents of the island. Fuerteventura. The appearance of the two girls is a local sensation as they played at the Calderon Hondo volcano next to the bird sanctuary.

A musician on a volcano: local authorities are not interested.

A musician on a volcano: local authorities are not interested.Screenshot: x/ondaftv

The local media talk about the “environmental attack in Calderon Hondo”, calling last weekend's performance by a Dutch and a German artist “scandalous” and angry about the “party with a large number of participants”. It was said to be a real rave. Both the island government of Fuerteventura and the municipality of La Oliva have now intervened.

The island's administration announced that the police were investigating and that good measures were being taken. Up to 200,000 euros may be required to pay because parties in the volcano will cause irreparable damage. Risks range from soil erosion to habitat destruction for rare species.

Fuerteventura wants to set an example – Hamburg woman defends herself

Theoretically, the least severe penalty imaginable would be; According to the information, fine limits start at 3,000 euros. But according to the German-language “Fuerteventura News”, the municipality of La Oliva has already announced that it wants to “set an example” with sanctions.

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“We will not allow the image to continue spreading that you can do whatever you want in Fuerteventura,” the online magazine quoted the responsible environmental council as saying. “Our landscapes and protected areas are there to enjoy,” he said. “But respectfully.”

Attacked German DJ Nina Hepburn played Volcano alongside her Dutch counterpart CC Carini. The woman from Hamburg told “Fuerteventura News” that there wasn't really a rave going on at the volcano, but rather a few friends listening to a DJ set on a live stream, a noticeable difference.

Nina Hepburn wrote, “This is perfectly permissible as shooting is allowed in a public place. “We only had two monitor speakers for the DJ, which were not loud and did not disturb nature in any way. We were back before dark. We leave no waste behind. We do not disturb the nature and this nature park is open to the public.

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