July 20, 2024

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More classified documents were found on Biden

13 hour home inspection!

Authorities have found more classified documents on Biden

A search of government documents has uncovered more classified documents in US President Joe Biden’s private offices.

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The Road to President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware Home: The US Department of Justice raided Biden’s home and found six classified documents.

US President Joe Biden (80)’s home in Delaware was raided by the US Department of Justice and 6 more classified documents were found. Bob Bauer, Biden’s attorney, said Saturday that the Department of Justice has seized material it believes falls within the scope of its investigation, including six documents marked classified.

It was previously known that about a dozen classified government documents from his time as vice president under Barack Obama were found in an office previously used by Biden. Other classified documents were later found in Biden’s garage and at his home in Delaware. The US Department of Justice appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case.