July 23, 2024

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FBI crackdown could speed up Trump’s 2024 candidacy announcement

‘Mar-o-Lago Receipt Will Be Brutal’ – FBI Probe Could Speed ​​Trump’s Presidential Declaration

Trump vows revenge on Biden, Obama and Clinton

The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-o-Lago estate appears to be giving the former US president some tailwind. A political coup is brewing in America, with Trump’s poll numbers rising. He has control over his party. Will he soon announce his candidacy for 2024?


Former US President Donald Trump has good reasons to join hands with you.

Former US President Donald Trump (76) has made a direct reference to running for the White House again. Trump posted a celebrity opinion piece on his social media site, Truth Social “Wall Street Journal”: “The receipt for Mar-O-Lago will be brutal”. Conservative columnist Kimberly Strasel (50) opines that Democrats have instrumentalized the Justice Department and the FBI. It will have its revenge when Republicans regain control of the ministry and the US Federal Police.

The trigger: the Aug. 8 FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-o-Lago estate. US officials wanted to find potentially classified or incriminating documents on Trump. Millions of Americans suspect a political motive behind the unprecedented housing search. This is not only the first crackdown on a former president in US history. No lawmaker has given permission to search the house of the former president. The White House has denied any knowledge of the matter.