June 15, 2024

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More and more diplomats are turning their backs on Putin

More and more diplomats are turning their backs on Putin

In the Ukraine war, many diplomats reportedly defected to the Kremlin. Currently, authorities have to host families to prevent people with disabilities.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Since the start of the war, many diplomats have reportedly defected to the Kremlin.
  • So Russian President Vladimir Putin is now keeping the authorities on a tight leash.
  • To deter the culprits, their families have been arrested.

Almost a year after the start of the Russian war of aggression, fierce fighting is still going on in Ukraine. More recently, the Russian record Army Always setbacks. Away from the front, support for the president also appears Vladimir Putin To sink: More than 20 diplomats and spies since the start of the war in Ukraine The Kremlin They have turned their backs.

“Some of them are common sense,” British Russia expert Bruce Jones told The Mirror. “But there are many more ambassadors who have withdrawn from the background, perhaps more than 20. This is a very alarming number for him. The Kremlin

Most defectors are employees of embassies or secret services. They went not only to the West, but also to Asia, the expert continues. “You are the mirror Increasing anxiety The Russian people are reflecting on the future of their country.”

Useful information about the war in Ukraine

“This development could be very valuable,” says Richard Kemp, a former employee of the newspaper’s top British intelligence agency. “Western intelligence will get very useful information about what’s going on in Russia.” Because of the war, many people in influential positions are trying to flee.

Do you think Putin will be overthrown soon?

A change of sides would have pushed Putin to “Stalinism”. Restrictions on Foreign Assignments Introduces and continues «Mirror». Most Moscow officials sent abroad must accept their families as hostages. As a precaution, program checks are also being conducted for friends and family.

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