July 20, 2024

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Mobilized conscientious objectors are sent to a prison camp in Bervalsk

“Center for Maintaining Combat Readiness”

A penal camp designed to break the will of Russian conscientious objectors

Demobilized Russians who disobeyed wartime orders were held in a former prison camp in Luhansk. Conditions there are disastrous. You can come out only by turning the front.


Russia mobilized 300,000 citizens. 87,000 people are already on the front line in Ukraine. But those who disobey the order will be locked up.

If you don’t want to fight, you will be forced to. This seems to be the goal of the commanders of the Russian troops. There is no due process for conscientious objection to those mobilized; Instead, the players are imprisoned. Their “combat readiness” must be restored behind bars – with violence and humiliation.

In the former penal camp in the Ukrainian city of Perevalsk in the Luhansk region, before partial demobilization, soldiers who did not want to participate in the war despite being under the contract were illegally detained. Now the former penal colony, which activists have called inhumane, is back in action. Now the mobilized citizens who don’t want to fight are locked up there. To re-strengthen their morale in the name of “Centre for Maintaining Combat Readiness”. Because there slogan: fight or jail. This was reported by the opposition Russian news website Mediazona.