June 13, 2024

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Man sprays homeless people with hose, sparks outrage

Shocking video

A heartless gallery owner sprays homeless people in San Francisco with a garden hose

A TikTok video shows gallery owner Collier Quinn dousing a homeless woman in San Francisco with cold water from a garden hose. A heartless act goes viral. Quinn has no remorse and insists she was just trying to help the girl.


Without batting an eyelid, Collier Quinn sprays a homeless woman with a garden hose.


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The man leans casually over a railing, aiming a garden hose at a homeless woman on the sidewalk. Only water splashes and the woman screams in fear. The heartless act didn’t go unnoticed Monday morning in freezing temperatures. The video of the shocking moment went viral on social media and has been viewed millions of times.

The man shown in the viral video is Collier Quinn, 69. He owns Foster Quinn Gallery, an art gallery in San Francisco. American billionaire David Rockefeller and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger were among his clients at one time.