July 23, 2024

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These are the most valuable passports in the world in 2023

7th place is Switzerland

These are the most attractive passports in the world

A study by London law firm Henley & Partners shows which are the most valuable passports in the world. Although Japan clearly won the race, Switzerland didn’t do too badly.

A Swiss passport offers visa-free travel to 186 countries worldwide. (archive image)

The Japanese currently hold the most valuable passports in the world: they can use them to travel to 193 countries around the world visa-free or obtain their visas upon entry. A Swiss passport allows visa-free travel to 186 countries.

Japanese citizens can now visit 193 out of 227 travel destinations without a visa. According to a survey this year by London-based law firm Henley & Partners, citizens of South Korea and Singapore, in second place, can enjoy 192 visa-free destinations. Among others, data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is evaluated for this purpose.