May 21, 2024

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Putin Moves Massive Nuclear Missile to Front of Ukraine

Nickname “Sledgehammer”

Putin Moves World’s Largest Nuclear Missile to Ukraine Front

In its struggle for supremacy in eastern Ukraine, Russia is bringing out the heavy artillery — ie. According to reports, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the use of the world’s largest grenade launcher.


Vladimir Putin is bringing out the heavy artillery.


Sven ZieglerRedaktor news

severe Battles around the small towns of Bakmut and Soledar A street and house fight developed. Both Russia and Ukraine complain of heavy losses. Now the Russian military wants to take advantage of this moment – and really bring heavy artillery to the battlefield.

According to a report in English «Glass» Russian President Vladimir Putin, 70, reportedly ordered the world’s largest nuclear warhead to be moved to the Eastern Front. 2S4 Tjulpan – “tulip” in English – has a huge impact. It can fire 240 mm grenades. This is more than twice the number of standard NATO warships. These are 120 millimeters in size.