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January 6 trial – Capital struck: Trump’s entourage falls on deaf ears – News

January 6 trial – Capital struck: Trump’s entourage falls on deaf ears – News

On January 6, 800 Trump supporters besieged the Capitol in Washington to block his election. The Commission on Inquiry into the House of Representatives is currently investigating the background of these events. Preliminary results suggest that a group of Republican congressmen and a group of White House staff worked behind the scenes to confirm that Joe Biden’s election was not approved. SRF Reporter Isabel Jacobi with details.

Isabel Jacobi

American Reporter, SRF

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After studying in the United States and Bern, Jacoby worked for Radio SRF from 1999 to 2005. He later worked as a freelance journalist in New York. In 2008 he returned to SRF as a producer on Echo Ter Jeet, and in 2012 became editor-in-chief. Jacobi has been an American correspondent in Washington since the summer of 2017.

SRF News: The Commission is actually outlining a political conspiracy. Can it be kept like that?

Isabel Jacobi: There are outlines of what happened before January 6th and what day it was – which ropes were pulled by which actors. The Commission of Inquiry says a group of Trump loyalists in Congress have joined Donald Trump’s entourage at the White House. They planned a political maneuver to undermine Biden’s election. A maneuver failed because key figures such as Attorney General William Barr or Vice President Mike Pence did not attend. If all this is true then we can say for sure that it is an attempt at political conspiracy.

What kind of political maneuver does this seem like?

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Trump wanted to invalidate Biden’s election. This is not new either. But it is clear who was involved. For example, he was backed by lawyers such as Rudy Giuliani and lawyers at the White House, with Trump’s CEO Mark Meadows playing a key role. There are also six congressmen like Jim Jordan and Paul Kosher. They put massive pressure on the judiciary and Vice President Pence before January 6th.

Is the party a politically motivated attack?

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Republicans continue to say the investigation is politically motivated. First, it is run by members of the Democratic Party. Is there any doubt about the independence of the trial and its results?

“Republicans have refused to investigate the January 6 incident in private, which is why Democrats now have more or less a lead on this commission of inquiry,” the reporter said.

However, two major Republicans are part of the commission: Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger, a member of the House of Representatives. “However, they pay a high political price for being a member of this commission. Your life in Congress is almost over, ”Jacobi said. “Kinsiger is no longer competing and Cheney will be voted out.”

This shows that the Republican base sees the investigation as a purely party-politically motivated attack. “Investigating the background to such a shocking event for American democracy should really be of concern to everyone.”

A PowerPoint presentation is said to have spread among the people mentioned – a step-by-step instruction, so to speak, on how to prevent Biden’s illegal election. Emergency law and military police were on hand to handle ballot boxes in the states. Trump’s chief handed the document to the Meadows Commission. But he said he received and did not use more than that.

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This week the House of Representatives allowed the way for an investigation against Meadows. What exactly did he play in this story?

As chief executive, he will be firmly at the center of the action. When he rushed to the Capitol, all the panicked messages on his cell phone told Trump to stop. Such demands came from Republican MPs, but also from factions of the Trump family. Trump did not respond, and we do not really know what role Meadows played here.


The Commission considers Meadows to be a central figure and wants to compel him to hand over further documents and communications. Based on the meadows, the commission should create “who’s who on January 6th,” Jacoby said.

Keystone / Archives

Initially, Meadows collaborated with the Commission of Inquiry to release 9,000 documents. But then he refused to testify.

What is the next step in the investigation?

This is competition against time. Because in a year the Democrats will lose their majority in the House of Representatives. Then the history of this investigation.


To put more pressure, the commission continues to make public what it has learned, Jacoby says. For example, Republican Commissioner Liz Cheney read a text message from Meadow’s cell phone on January 6 last week.


The judiciary may now be suing Meadows – which it has already done against legal activist Steve Bannon. However, such procedures take time, and Meadows and Bonan may still refuse to cooperate – more time playing for them.

The interview was conducted by Christina Skydecker.