May 26, 2024

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Denmark reports all-time record of new epidemics

The highest number of corona infections was reported in Denmark on Thursday. Despite the high vaccination rate, the situation in the country is becoming more complicated.

Briefly essentials

  • Nearly 10,000 new corona cases were reported in Denmark on Thursday.
  • The bear share of new infections goes to the Omigron variant.
  • The increase in new infections is also noticeable in hospitals.

Denmark is considered a role model for many European countries due to its voluntary vaccination discipline. 78 percent of the population, including children, have already been fully vaccinated Already taken. So the country believed that the corona virus infection was over.

But for a few days now, the Ministry of Health in Copenhagen has been reporting one outbreak to another on the basis of new infections. Yesterday was Thursday 9999. These were detected in a total of 208,498 PCR trials.

Explosion: The number of positive samples relative to the total number results in a positive percentage of 4.80. In other words, one in twenty people who had a PCR test had a positive result.

According to reports, Omigron is responsible for the sharp increase. The bear’s role in the incidence of infections can be determined by a new variant of the corona virus. Denmark currently holds the record Second mutation events.

More and more patients in hospitals with corona

The situation in Denmark is escalating again. The increase in infections in hospitals is also noticeable. With 517 registered patients, the maximum value for the month of February has been reached.

Eskild Petersen «Berlingske» said that now it is difficult to change the course. Emeritus, a professor of infectious diseases at Arhas University, said: “I think you have to accept that we are talking about this. Christmas It can only be changed with great difficulty. “

Prime Minister Mete Frederickson opened the door Facebook It is clear that he believes that “new initiatives” are necessary. The infection process should be slow, the politician said.

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