June 13, 2024

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Italy: Demon runoff on A7 kills two and injures three

Five kilometers on the wrong track

Two were killed and at least three were injured in what became known as the Cold War

There was a terrible accident on the Italian A7 on Sunday: the driver got lost on a wrong lane on the wrong lane between Milan and Genoa. He and another person were killed in the collision.

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Updated: 10:59 am

Terrible accident on the Italian A7 highway: White Volvo sped off on a busy holiday route towards Milan on Sunday afternoon – but it was on the opposite lane south to Genoa. And five kilometers, as “Courier della sera” Reported.

The ghost journey ended abruptly and fatally when the driver, Giuseppe G. * († 46), collided with an oncoming vehicle. Modilda H. * († 35), Albanian no chance. Volvo crashed its gray BMW into the head with full force. A total of five vehicles collided.