May 21, 2024

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What do Putin’s new war results mean?

Exchange of missiles, generals for Belarus – and the first foreign voyage since the beginning of the war

What do Putin’s new war results mean?

Moscow wants to supply nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Belarus and deploy new generals. It is not clear whether that will change the war dynamics.

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Updated: 35 minutes ago

The announcement is explosive: Russia wants to deploy Iskander-type ground missiles to Belarus – which could be equipped with nuclear-capable missiles. Vladimir Putin (69) promised Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) at a meeting in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

Putin boasted that Iskander-M could “carry both ballistic missiles and ship missiles – both conventional and nuclear.” According to Russian media, they can go up to 500 kilometers. According to Putin, Belarus’ Su-25 fighter jets are also being refurbished. “This modernization must be done in the aerospace industry in Russia.” Then these planes can carry nuclear weapons as well.