June 15, 2024

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Montana: 25 cars of freight train derail

Montana: 25 cars of freight train derail

Paradise America

25 trains derail – some of them ending up in the river

Another train derailment in America. 25 wagons of the freight train were affected.


The railway company said that no hazardous materials were released in the accident.

About 25 cars of a freight train derailed in the US state of Montana on Sunday. No injuries or evacuations were reported, officials said. The sheriff’s office said the crash happened near the town of Paradise on the Clark Fork River in Sanders County, northwest Montana. Firefighters and representatives from the Montana Railroad are working to determine the cause of the derailment.

Photos posted on social media showed some wagons drifting into the river. The railway company has declared that no hazardous materials have been released.

Regulators and members of the US Congress have recently reported following train accidents Ohio and Minnesota Dangerous materials escaped and led to evacuations, and more preventive work was called for against such accidents.

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