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How much money do you need per day in Europa-Park?

How much money do you need per day in Europa-Park?
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When visiting Europa-Park Rust, the entrance fee is usually not the only thing that counts. Two YouTubers test what budget you need for a day at the park for food and more.

Rust – a visit Europa-Park A special one for many fans – and because of that Ticket price hike. If you don’t want to experience a rude awakening while staying in Rust, you should calculate the costs of admission, food, drinks and snacks in advance. YouTuber Vivi Bing and her friend Kevin tested how far they could go to the park with 100 euros. They show the result on video.

As Vivi explains at the beginning of the video, money can already be saved when entering the park. A day ticket for adults costs 75 euros on site, and you can get it for 10 euros less online. When Vivi was already in front of the park entrance gates, she booked her online ticket using her smartphone BW24.de reported. “I save a little,” she admits. She quickly visited the parking machine. There is less walking there in the morning than when the park is closed. “The ticket costs 8 euros.”

Europa-Park: You can save money on drinks – YouTuber Vivi knows an insider tip

After buying the entrance and parking ticket, Vivi still has 27 euros. “Let’s see what we can do with it,” he says. After visiting a few locations, the YouTuber noticed that she had no water. Luckily, he can access an insider tip from a TikToker Donixday To fall back on. He said recently How to save “over 50 percent” when buying water in Europa Park: at the “Glückskind Lounge”. Pharmacy dm You can get a liter of water in a tetrabag for only 1.20 euros – thus significantly cheaper than in other parts of the park. Vivi has stocked “Babilov water”. After that, his budget is still 25.80 euros.

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Is 100 euros a day enough in Europa-Park? YouTuber Vivi Bing put it to the test. © ViviBing/YouTube/dpa/Philipp von Ditfurth (photomontage BW24)

When it starts to rain, Vivi and her partner warm up with “Snorri Tours”. “Snorri likes rainy weather, but I’m not a big fan of it,” he admits. “That’s why I got a delicious cappuccino down the street from the Fjord restaurant – it cost 3.60 euros.” Interim result: 22.20 euros remaining budget.

Budget Self-Test at Europa-Park: Gastro Tips for Lunch

After a wild roller coaster ride on Bluefire and Woden, Vivi wants to spend the rest of her budget on what. The virtual reality adventure “Yulpe” requires an additional six euros. However, as she says, Vivi will use the money for food. “I’m a little hungry too,” she admits. As it was still raining, she decided to go to the “Bamboe Baai” restaurant. “We’re going there because it’s raining, though Batavia is a bit cheaper.” The bamboo mat is “so good to sit on”. He pays 12.20 euros for a bowl of vegetarian rice. “Now I have a total of 10 euros for dessert and souvenirs.” She deliberately decided not to have a drink with her meal as she was already fitted with a tetrabag from the Gluckskind Lounge.

“The food was definitely delicious. Very fresh and a good portion,” sums up the YouTuber after her visit to Bambo Boy. “The shows are definitely good for digestion – I think I’ll watch the ice cream show first.” Leaving the show, Vivi decides to treat herself to ice cream for dessert. “A scoop of ice cream—I think it’s in there. I’d say it’s delicious and fruity.” The YouTuber pays €2.20 for a scoop of melon ice cream in a cup. “A proud price,” she thinks. You still have 7.80 euros. However, she ultimately decides against an impulse buy because many of the items in thrift stores are beyond her budget or don’t appeal to her.

Europa-Park: YouTuber draws conclusions from the budget test and also reveals criticism

“Let’s come to the conclusion: with 100 euros you can certainly have a good time at Europa-Park,” concludes Vivi. “I also ate a good breakfast beforehand so I didn’t go to the park on an empty stomach.” His only criticism: the price for fan articles. “I thought there were some dealers who were very nice. But it was too expensive for my budget. “However, the 7.80 euros he saved looks positive.