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Make a trap with simple home remedies

Make a trap with simple home remedies
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Even a single mosquito in your house can keep you up at night. A smart trap helps you find pests quickly.

Germany – Mosquitoes (Culicidae) often swarm at home in summer. Just one of these annoying little critters is enough to rob us of the sleep we need at night. Unfortunately, insects are true masters of hiding in crevices and crevices during the day – and then “strike” at night.

Attract mosquitoes to the room with a t-shirt

Mosquitoes aren’t likely to bite you at night, but first you need to find the pesky little creatures. You can take advantage of the fact that mosquitoes smell good. A sweatshirt is enough to lure them out of their hiding place in the apartment – preferably an unwashed sports shirt.

Mosquitoes love sweat and are almost magically attracted to this smell. You keep this in a corner of the bedroom at night. In this case, you definitely need to take a fresh bath or shower, otherwise the trap will be useless. reports.

If a small insect settles on its sweat towel, gently push the mosquito out with the help of an old jam jar placed over the animal. Special insect catcher, that’s about it Allow the spiders to be carried out unharmedWork on the same principle.

To prevent mosquitoes in the apartment – four tips

To keep mosquitoes out of the house in the first place, it’s worth taking some preventative measures:

  • Place insect screens on windows, especially bedroom windows. These can also be attached to door and window frames without drilling.
  • Plants like lavender, Mint, lemon balm, thyme, basil and eucalyptus are natural mosquito repellents because the little creatures don’t like the smell. Place a few sticks by the windowsill or front door. However, the effect is not proven. The motto here is simple: try it!
  • Other natural home remedies are also designed to repel mosquitoes. This includes the smell of cinnamon or cloves. You can put this as essential oil in an aroma lamp and keep it in the room an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid standing water in the garden or balcony, which acts as a breeding ground for insects. So you usually have to empty entire flower coasters and rain barrels.
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During hot summer days, countless mosquitoes often enter the apartment. © Patrick Pleul/dpa

Further Outside of the terrace, certain activities can help avoid mosquito bitesHow to wear dark clothes.

Are you bothered by spiders at home? These tiny critters can be slowly repelled by various home remedies.