July 23, 2024

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Fraudsters ripped off the Swiss with the gold rush

He received a lot of counterfeit notes

Schweizer sells real gold bars for counterfeit money

A fraud gang has ripped off a Swiss man. He brought real gold bars to a meeting in Italy and received fake money for them. Case discovered – thanks to Austrian authorities.

The scam starts when the phone rings in 2019. On one side of the line, a Swiss can quickly become a victim of a rip deal, a money transfer scam. But he didn’t know that yet. On the other end of the phone sits a professional swindler who has been up to mischief in Vienna for decades.O24» is reported.

And this time he won. The Swiss fall into the trap and show interest. The victim was related to wealthy Russian-born businessmen. It should be about profitable investment and earning opportunities. In reality, however, the Swiss are not talking to oligarchs, but to Serbo-Croatians who are part of a clan family based in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.