July 23, 2024

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A fourth body was found in Lake Mead near Las Vegas as a result of the drought

Record drought

Lake Mead found a fourth body

The American Southwest is also drier than ever. A fourth body has now been found in Lake Mead near Las Vegas, America’s largest reservoir, after the water level dropped too low.

Like many areas in the Northern Hemisphere, Lake Mead, which supplies water and electricity to Las Vegas, is suffering from an unprecedented drought. Wednesday’s water level was the lowest since April 1937, when the reservoir began to fill. Because of the low water levels, some things seemed to remain hidden forever: On Saturday, local national park officials announced the discovery of more human remains — the fourth since May.

Officials had already said in May that bodies were expected to be found given the receding water levels. A third such discovery was not made until July 25: According to the US National Park Service, a man alerted authorities and informed them that the remains of a man had been found. Forensic medicine must now clarify the cause of death. The National Park Authority is not releasing any further information due to the ongoing investigation.