June 22, 2024

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Explosive Disclosure: Trump Should Make Taxes Public

First reports published

Trump only paid taxes in two years of his tenure

For years, Trump has resisted handing over tax records to the Treasury Department — and now he’s losing the fight. The first reports give explosive insight into the former president’s income.


Congress (still dominated by Democrats) has decided that Donald Trump must release part of his taxes.

Former US President Donald Trump, 76, must reveal his tax records – at least in part. The Congress decided on Tuesday. Trump has legally resisted releasing the documents for years. The first results of the investigation indicate that Trump manipulated his taxes.

In fact, it’s common for politicians to disclose some of their finances and have the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) review their taxes. Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon (1913-1994) to break this tradition. again”Spiegel» writes, the House of Representatives committee responsible for tax policy (Ways and Means Committee) has tried to get tax returns from previous years starting in 2019.