June 15, 2024

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China wants to solve the vaccine haze problem

China wants to solve the vaccine haze problem

China approves aerosol vaccine against coronavirus The vaccine is inhaled instead of injected. That way you can reach more people.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • China wants to vaccinate more people with an alternative vaccination system.
  • Corona vaccine can now be inhaled in the form of a mist.
  • It strengthens the virus protection already in the mouth, droplets entering the body.

China continues to adhere to its strict zero covid policy: If there is an explosion Due to the coronavirus, entire cities have been locked down and millions of people have been put under house arrest. against it There have been major protests recently. But experts say it’s dangerous to open up and handle the virus as it is in the West. Because many Chinese, including the elderly and vulnerable, are not vaccinated.

A possible solution to the vaccine problem may be a new type of vaccine: in some clinics, the vaccine is given as a mist to be inhaled. ARD reported. According to Chinese state television, it was originally an aerosol variant of the vaccine administered by syringe.

The vaccine mist against corona is only used as a third vaccine for adults who have been previously vaccinated with Chinese vaccines. However, getting an appointment is difficult: the new variant is only available in some clinics within days of registration.

A veteran describes the opposite process ARD “Very convenient” because you don’t have to undress. She exhaled, inhaled the mist, and held her breath for five seconds. “Then it’s already over.”

Ben Cowling sees an advantage in the inhalation vaccine: it can immunize people Averse to injections says the university’s epidemiologist Hong Kong. With a larger selection of vaccines, more people will get vaccinated. He knows nothing Information Regarding the effectiveness, he says: “The vaccine mist is very good, after it is used.”

Will you try the anti-corona vaccine mist?

China says the vaccine mist already works in the mouth and throat and strengthens virus defenses there. The droplets travel further into the body. China was the first country to introduce an alternative form of the vaccine has allowed

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