June 22, 2024

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Extreme surveillance: China is very treacherous against dissidents


China cracks down on protesters.


Johannes HillickRedaktor news

In the fight against nationwide protests, China relies on high technology and toughness. Police appear to be using facial recognition software and cellphone data to track and arrest participants, said Wang Shengsheng, a Zhengzhou city human rights lawyer who provides free legal advice to protesters. The reason for the protests is the strict corona policy With their strict, continuous lockdowns. However, they are now generally directed against the Communist leadership.

In the capital Beijing, the prosecutor suspects that police may have used location data from phones recorded by on-site scanners or taxi drivers when checking the Corona app. “Many callers from Beijing were confused because even though they had passed through a demonstration, they were contacted by the police. We don’t know how exactly they did it,” says Wang. In other cities, police appear to have used surveillance camera footage and facial recognition.