April 19, 2024

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Bright pulls a 30-pound goldfish out of the water

Monster Catch in France

Bright pulls this 30-pound goldfish out of the water

A fisherman in France caught a particularly fat fish. Suddenly a 30kg goldfish was hanging on the hook.


Brit Andy Hackett holds Carrot, a monster goldfish, in his arms. The animal weighs about 30 kilograms.

Andy Hackett (42) from Great Britain has landed a monster goldfish. In early November he traveled to Champagne France to try his luck in the Bluewater Lakes, one of the best carp areas in the world. Suddenly there was a monster fish on the hook. The fight with him, like him, lasted 25 minutes BBC explained. The fish is a cross between a leather carp and a koi carp.

Goldfish, which are usually kept as pets, do not grow more than a few inches, but they belong to the carp family and can grow quite large.