June 7, 2023

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Atrocities perpetrated by Baerbach’s and Habeck’s mindsets were aimed not only at material expropriation and increasing power, but at the usurpation of thought in general.

My history teacher once said: “The Greens are left-wing, they’re right-wing again.”

While the horseshoe theory had its appeal in the 1990s, it didn’t get you very far in “the best Germany of all time.”

Since the Greens are primarily the founders of Corona and Climate Dictatorship, a new enthusiasm for war and a cult of (speech) sanctions in the name of goodness, there is no right-left definite use for the analysis of the Green phenomenon.

So “green” is not the “new right”: nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism have had their day as models of political power.

It is dangerous for the Greens to try to herald a post-political era, not to say a post-ideological age: political content is abolished in favor of a “correct approach”. “Irrepressible constraints” (corona, climate) take the place where religion weighs interests, whose only purpose is to closely pursue contradiction.

Because the Greens embody the good in themselves, any criticism is malicious. Police have been particularly active on Twitter, with one user now having to answer in court for calling Robert Habeck a “complete idiot”.

Where the lines between politics and theology blur, the power-craze of the Greens and their aggressors is particularly dangerous. If “unvaccinated” kids aren’t allowed to go on school trips without any scientific basis, or laws are passed that say girls can have penises, that’s not rational thinking.

As with medieval religious sects, the more fanatical the claim, the more fanatically it is defended.

Voltaire is said to have said, “If you can make people believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities.” The atrocities of greenism are aimed not only at material expropriation and the new feudal increase in power of technical interest groups such as the IPCC or the WHO, but also at the usurpation of thought in general.

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Let’s hope that today’s lush Middle Ages will bring a new enlightenment.