June 18, 2024

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Putin’s night wolves on their way to Berlin

Putin’s night wolves on their way to Berlin


Putin’s Night Wolves Go to Berlin

Hundreds of members of the Night Wolves club, which strongly supports Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, have marched in the direction of Berlin. They call the journey “The Path of Victory”.


Starting April 29, 2023, hundreds of night wolves are heading to Berlin.

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  • The Night Wolves are considered a group of motorcyclists loyal to Putin.

  • On Saturday they left Moscow for Berlin.

  • On their way to Germany, they intend to first deliver “humanitarian aid” in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk.

One A group of Putin loyalists The motorcyclists set off from Moscow on a rally that will take them to Berlin. As a journalist from the AFP news agency observed, the article began on Saturday in the southeast of the Russian capital. It had hundreds of people Members of the club Night wolves strongly support Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

Many rally participants carried Russian and Soviet flags. Some plastered the letter Z on their motorcycles, a reference to the attack in Ukraine, which the Kremlin officially calls a “military special operation.” The rally has been named “Paths of Victory”.

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Night wolf boss is allowed

The rally is led by Night Wolves boss and founder Alexander Zaldostanov, who describes himself as a “friend” of Putin. Zaldostanov is under Western sanctions for supporting Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

The rally will first go to Volgograd – the former Stalingrad. The Red Army’s victory over Hitler’s Wehrmacht in a nearly six-month war (1942–1943) marked a turning point in the Soviet Union’s struggle against Nazi Germany in World War II. February 2, in the presence of Putin in Volgograd, is the 80th anniversary of this victory.

The rally is then scheduled to continue to the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, where participants plan to distribute humanitarian aid to civilians and Russian soldiers. Last September, Moscow announced the annexation of Donetsk and three Ukrainian regions. However, four regions are only partially controlled by Russia.

On May 9th they celebrate the anniversary of the end of World War II in Berlin

The rally ends in Berlin on May 9. May 9th is the anniversary of the end of World War II in Russia, and Germany and other European countries already celebrate this year on May 8th.

Night Wolves was founded in 1989, just before the fall of the Soviet Union. In the past, representatives of the club have left Moscow for Berlin several times to celebrate the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany.