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Internet star: “Environment is like the Hunger Games” – harsh accusations against Salt Bay

Internet star: “Environment is like the Hunger Games” – harsh accusations against Salt Bay

Internet star

“Hunger Games-like environment” – harsh accusations against Salt Bay

He was famous for salting a steak. Now former employees are reporting discrimination and tactics at the restaurants. These are not the first allegations.


Salt Bay’s golden steak is very popular among football players. Tested it for 20 minutes.

20 minutes

  • Nusret Gökçe became known as Salt Bay for his technique of salting his steaks.

  • Now former employees are making serious allegations against him.

  • An atmosphere of dread prevails and luxury is the only pretense in bars.

Nusret Gökçe became world famous for salting steak. Salt Bay has restaurants on three continents and often travels from establishment to establishment showing off his fancy salting techniques to delighted guests. “Meanwhile, he has become the living embodiment of a relic,” describes “Business Insider.” Ex-employees have given their opinion on the news portal, painting a different picture of the internet star.

“From the outside it looks like gold. But from the inside it’s shit,” says a former employee. In an article by “Business Insider,” former employees, including bartenders and hosts, managers and head chefs, made several accusations against the star from the Internet.

“He slept on the tablecloth”

One former employee likens the environment to the “Hunger Games.” You never know if you will be fired before the end of the shift. If I am a restaurant Because of the lackluster atmosphere there, staff have already been asked to line up at the front of the restaurant – to give the impression that there is a lot going on.

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Gökçe is also said to have used his restaurants as a home. She reportedly asked staff in Mykonos and Dubai for massages. “If he felt particularly tired, he would sleep in the restaurant. Sometimes he slept on the tablecloth,” said one employee. It was not known if he would be able to walk before he woke up.

Allegations of an atmosphere of fear are not new. Former employees sued Salt Bay several times. You describe an “aggressive management style.” Gökce often berates employees and blames them for mistakes made by colleagues.


There is also the allegation that luxury offered in bars is not genuine. “Everything from napkins to glasses is very cheap,” said one former bartender. An employee says he has to pay for and maintain the uniform himself.

There must have been other tactics. Bartenders are said to have been instructed to put wine in glasses and resell it if customers left the wine in the bottle they bought. When retailers brought out wine samples, which were usually free, bartenders had to sell them to customers. A waitress in Dubai told Business Insider that a steak that costs hundreds of dollars more than another is of better quality — even if it comes from the same cut of meat.

The employee asked to check out

A former employee from Dubai said he was forced to pay a colleague 3,000 dirhams (about 730 francs) after his desk went unpaid. “And obviously it’s not her fault. I don’t think it’s fair,” he said. “The restaurant is so rich. It’s so rich they let her pay.”

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He said about the allegations

Gökçe has himself For many charges Not disclosed. However, a lawyer representing Salt Bay and its companies says: “The allegations are really nothing more than a rehashing of old disputes in which the claims are disputed and have long been settled.” Unfortunately, there are times when high-end restaurants and celebrity chefs are the target of outrageous and unsubstantiated claims.

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