July 24, 2024

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Open Air St Gallen – “I’m the Real Helga” – Radio SRF3

Open Air St Gallen – “I’m the Real Helga” – Radio SRF3

Open Air St Gallen – “I’m the Real Helga” – Radio SRF 3 – SRF

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“Heeeelka!” This call can be heard at every great festival. There are many myths about the origin of Helga’s call. Radio SRF3 found the real Helga in open air St. Gallen.

Yes, she exists, the real Helga, as can be seen from her more famous carnival reputation. Helga is 51 years old, from the Rhine Valley and in 1992 in open air St. Gallen.

“I became famous for nothing”

The 19-year-old visited the festival after completing his final coaching exams. Still not sure if Helga had passed the final practice test or not, she called the principal from the phone booth on campus. While she was on the phone, her colleague arrived at the festival and looked for her friend Helga in various tents. Other festival goers in the tents helped out.


SRF / Francesca Ned

“When I came out of the telephone booth, the whole Sitterdoppel called Helga.”

After that Helga couldn’t even think about sleeping. This year, Helga returns to open air St. Gallen for the first time in 30 years and is delighted with the good atmosphere – and her name lives on at the festival to this day.

There are as many Helga legends as Helga. “Helga fame” also has its own Wikipedia entry. Various festivals in Germany also claim that Helga’s fame originated from them.

By the way, Helga passed her final training exam in 1992.

Radio SRF3; June 28, 2024; 3:15 p.m

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