June 22, 2024

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Are the side effects more severe after the booster?

Like the first and second doses, the booster vaccine against the corona virus causes side effects. But how serious are these really?

Briefly essentials

  • Corona-booster is approved in Switzerland for people over 65 and those with previous illnesses.
  • But what are the side effects of the third vaccine?
  • Data show: No more severe side effects than first drugs.

“After the booster, it kept me in bed for several days,” says a reader reporter on Nau.ch. She may already be suffering from an autoimmune disease The third shovel Against the corona virus.

He says the side effects are more severe than the second vaccine. “Apart from fever, cold and body aches, this time there was nausea, vomiting and imbalance.”

Another, newly raised woman (69) says: “In it First and second dose I did not feel anything, this time I had a mild fever and limb pain.

Are the side effects of third spots against corona virus very violent?

So should we worry about a third vaccine against the corona virus? No, peace Swiss doctor.

It is true that there are currently too few reports to be able to publish credible reports on side effects. But Information Side effects from abroad will show up in the first and second dose range.

A difference is made according to Swiss doctor Serious in principle and not Serious side effects. Mild reports include pain or redness at the injection site, joint pain, or fever.

Side effects are classified as serious, for example, anaphylactic reactions, heart problems or disorders that require medical intervention.

Will you get a booster vaccine?

International sources also confirm: there is no other evidence so far Very serious side effects Appear. The German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) writes in its paper on the vaccine: “Vaccine reactions are often mild or moderate.” Side effects that may or may not occur after the second vaccination should be expected.

Immunologist Carsten Wattsl is the General Secretary of the German Society for Immunology (DGFI).Spiegel“Even:” In general, the third vaccine is slightly better tolerated than the second.

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