June 22, 2024

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More Sports News of the Day – Wanderers EM Wins Bronze – Sports

More Sports News of the Day – Wanderers EM Wins Bronze – Sports – SRF

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For the first time on an international platform

Julian Wanderers


Athletics: The Wanderers continue to win bronze at the European Championships

Julian Wanderers receives a bronze medal at the European Cross Country Championships in Lisbon in December 2019. The winner, Robel Fsiha, who started for Sweden, was disqualified due to a positive doping test, and those classified behind him are now officially advancing. Wanderers, who finished fourth in the 10.2km race, missed out on the medal tally. He lost four seconds on stage. The 25-year-old, now from Geneva, is looking forward to his first medal internationally.

Floorball: Finland and Sweden in the semifinals

Two favorite teams celebrate a clear quarterfinal at the Women’s Floorball World Championships in Uppsala, Sweden. Finland beat Poland 14-0 and hosts Norway 13-0. The Swedes underlined their role as fans and celebrated their 4th victory in their 4th match. If they can advance against Slovakia in the quarterfinals (Friday, 7pm, live on SRF Zwei) they should be warned of a possible clash with Sweden in the last 4 rounds of Switzerland.

Rod Bon: The last CL lab was canceled

The 5th and final round of the new Champions League scheduled for December 11 in Tel Aviv has been canceled by track organizers. Israel closed its borders to foreigners for two weeks last weekend due to a growing Omigron-Corona variation. The Champions League will culminate in a double event on the Olympic track sold in London this Friday and Saturday.

Basketball: Elfic im 1/16-final des Euro trophies

The women from Elfic Friborg reached the sixteenth final of the EuroCup, the second highest level in the European Basketball Cup, in extremism. In the last group match, the Swiss champions won 82:78 after extra time against Tenerife, thus finishing second in the group ahead of the Spanish holiday islanders.

Radio SRF 1, Evening Bulletin, December 2, 2021, 6.45 pm;

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